Aquatabs Nutriset partnership
Kevin O'CALLAGHAN, Sales & Marketing Manager for Aquatabs, along with Alice PIERET, WASH'Nutrition Head of Mission for N

At the occasion of the World Water Week 2018, Medentech’s Aquatabs® and Nutriset, inventor of Plumpy’Nut®, are proud to announce their partnership, joining their strategic expertise, respectively in water disinfection and nutrition solutions, to help foster multisectoral interventions to tackle malnutrition whilst improving access to safe drinking water.

This move comes in support of health programs designed to deliver a combination of water quality, sanitation, handwashing, and nutritional actions. Both Aquatabs® and Nutriset recognize the interdependence of these issues, and the fact that child undernutrition is favored by infections (and vice-versa) with direct or indirect links to the quality of water supplies.

The partnership intends to tailor-design product offering and solutions that effectively contribute to achieving greater nutritional impact, reducing the incidence of water-related diseases and positively impacting the cost-effectiveness of Wash’Nutrition programs.

“With over 20 years of experience in supplying Aquatabs® to the most vulnerable populations, and more importantly working and listening to both our consumers and partners on the ground – we firmly believe that integration of solutions must occur to accelerate the SDGs. We see this partnership between Aquatabs® and Nutriset as a very important dynamic to accelerate innovation, and bring new ideas and solutions together. Underpinning this partnership is an ethos with the same values and goals common to both organizations”, says Michael Gately, Managing Director Medentech.

“At Nutriset, we know from experience that many malnourished people also suffer from poor access to safe water. We need to tackle both issues at the same time, because they are interlinked and affect the same vulnerable populations. With this unique partnership, we join forces and make a step forward in fulfilling our mandate: nutritional autonomy for all”, says Adeline Lescanne-Gautier, executive Director of Nutriset.

Co-packing solutions are the starting point of this unique collaboration between two well-trusted and renowned partners of the humanitarian community. Practical packaging formats that combine Nutriset’s specialized products used for wasting, stunting and diarrhea management with an adapted dosage of Aquatabs® will facilitate the roll-out and scaling up of Wash'Nutrition interventions. First pilots in the field will be conducted in Kenya and Nepal.

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