An ethical: the United Nations Suppliers code

As an industrial partner of the United Nations since 1986, the Nutriset Group is a signatory to the Organization’s Supplier Code of Conduct and applies its principles in terms of human rights, international labor standards and environmental protection.

On a wider scale, the values enshrined in the United Nations Charter, namely respect for fundamental human rights, social justice and human dignity, as well as respect for the equal rights of men and women, are fundamental values to which the Nutriset Group subscribes.

The United Nations recommendations on combating corruption and conflicts of interest are strictly followed by those employees responsible for activities which may call for consideration of these issues.



The challenge for the Nutriset Group today is to make its employees aware of these issues through training, but also to ensure that all Group companies are aligned with this objective.


For more information (slide 35 à 38), Read Nutriset Group 1st COP (Global Compact)

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