Donation Charles-Nicolle foundation

Nutriset's scientific approach to developing nutritional solutions relies on partnerships with leading research institutions. This approach leads Nutriset to finance, through a donation of 300,000 Euros to the Charles Nicolle foundation, research work to better identify, in stituations of severe malnutrition, the links between gut-brain and muscles and a project likely to inform adjustments to the formulation of nutritional treatment solutions to improve the functionality of the intestinal barrier before the re-nutrition phase, and thus enhance the effectiveness of therapeutic treatment of children with severe acute malnutrition.

This donation by Nutriset will allow the Inserm Unit 1073 "Nutrition, inflammation and dysfunction of the brain-gut axis" led by Prof. Déchelotte, who is also Head of the nutrition department of the University Hospital of Rouen, to recruit two researchers in order to set up laboratory experiments specifically focusing on the development of animal models of malnutrition. 

The announcement of this donation was made at the board of directors of the Charles Nicolle foundation, in the presence of Mamane Zeilani, Director of nutrition and external research at Nutriset. 

"This partnership reflects the will of Nutriset to put research at the heart of our business, in a process of learning and continuous improvement, in order to serve nutritionists and humanitarian with innovative nutritional solutions developed scientifically," said Mamane Zeilani. "This research will ultimately help aid providers working in the field to improve their care practice with millions of malnourished children."

Nutriset is involved in sixty research partnerships worldwide. The company brings its industrial expertise to the development of products specifically designed for the needs of scientific studies. Nutriset is also involved in setting up objectives, methodology and operational organization of research in the field, including the modes of distribution of products to target population groups.

The Charles Nicolle foundation is recognized of public utility. It operates in the areas of prevention and training of health professionals, in collaboration with the University and the University Hospital of Rouen, with the mission to contribute, in Seine-Maritime and in the Eure (France), to the access to innovative research equipement in all areas: oncology, cardiology, neurology, psychiatry, pediatrics ...

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