Intellectual property is usually seen as the protection of a rent-based system. However it may also be used as a development tool : this is the Nutriset Group’s choice, which wants innovation valorization to be a strategy of dissemination of knowledge among its members.

Intellectual property in the service of development

Nutriset took up the challenge, even if sometimes criticized, to make its intellectual property rights accessible in priority to countries with high rate of malnutrition. Thus, the members of the PlumpyField® network have access to different types of innovation (products, equipment, processes, …) via the franchise system initiated by Nutriset.

This strategy enabled to develop local industrial production units and, as a direct consequence, create jobs, use local resources and provide knowledge.

It’s a matter of principle for companies from the Nutriset Group to support the introduction of agro-industrial processes either innovative and suitable for developing countries and transfer of tools and skills needed for those products and process.


  • Lay the foundations of an Extensive Social Purpose Company - (Société à Objet Social Etendu – SOSE)

The Nutriset Group has initiated a debate on the governance of the company together with ‘Mines ParisTech’.

The statutes of companies are today clearly divided by French law between the business sector and the social and solidarity economic sector. The Nutriset Group thus decided to analyse how the company could face this legal vacuum.

Indeed, there is no legal form for companies attempting to combine economic, social and sustainable dimensions in their projects.
The present reflection, with ‘Mines ParisTech’, concerns the definition of an ‘Extensive Social Purpose Company’ – (Société à Objet Social Etendu – SOSE). This new status would allow to set up the company’s development project, stating the research of wished internal and external positive impacts in the corporate purpose.

See article in ‘Les Echos’ dated 14/05/2014


  • Sustainable development and intellectual property 

Determined to provide access and disseminate innovation, Onyx Développement is committed to contribute in raising awareness and training of stakeholders involved in sustainable development about intellectual property.

Onyx Développement is part of a working group led by the Licensing Executive Society France and The National Institute of Industrial Property (Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle) which focuses on the subject of the “contribution and listening of stakeholders involved in industrial property listening to the needs of stakeholders involved in sustainable development”.