In a context where raw materials have become the object of speculation, the Nutriset Group has chosen to mobilise its  teams for the nutritional valorisation of certain plat raw materials in order to imagine tomorrow’s nutrition.

Peanut plan,Burkina Faso

Peanut plan,Burkina Faso

To provide the 7 billion people on our planet with animal proteins is impossible. Faced with this impasse, the Nutriset Group is working  : 

- to master new industrial processes to improve the quality of nutrients and reduce anti-nutritional factors in certain plat raw materials (soja, maize, rice, millet…) 

- to provide its upstream support to the local producers by strengthening the agricultural sector through a project in Sudan, Darfood.

The purpose is also to promote locally the processing of agricultural raw materials in order to create sustainable value.

Within the research center Tweed, the Nutriset Group’s engineers focus on creation of innovative agri-food products based on vegetable proteins.

- Darfood : processing of locally grown peanut into oil in Darfour, Sudan

 - Tweed : creation of a research center on food sciences, an effective tool for the development of tomorrow’s food