Constraints on prices and distribution result in problems of accessibility of quality products for vulnerable persons. The Nutriset Group is focused on finding sustainable solutions to be able to propose accessible quality products.

Nutriset : from an institutional distribution to an alternative method

Nutriset and members of the PlympyField® network give priority to the institutional system by distributing nutritional products to humanitarian actors (United Nations Agencies and non-governmental organizations).
Conceptualisation and setting up of hybrid systems are also a major concern for Nutriset, which wishes to distribute products for the prevention of malnutrition directly to the vulnerable populations.
Thus, in 2003, ACCESS projects began.

Barika's Delivery tricycle, Burkina Faso

Barika’s Delivery tricycle, Burkina Faso

Making quality products available in Burkina Faso and in France

Onyx Développement wishes to progress in its reflection on innovative distribution systems by focusing on marketing of :
. Nutriset’s prevention products
. agro-food products developed by Tweed

From these reflections have resulted two projects :
. Barika® : a social and sustainable retailing in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
. SO’Alim : development and distribution of a new product designed to improve the product range proposed to the Banque Alimentaire recipients in Rouen.