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The « Prospectives » activity of the Nutriset Group calls on new expertise and skills to deliver innovative food production solutions for tomorrow that are better adapted to local constraints and requirements. 


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Proposing innovative solutions given new consumer needs

The sum of these skills led the Nutriset Group to experiment with new initiatives. The « Prospectives » activities allow for innovative projects, both upstream and downstream in the food industry chain, providing innovative solutions to meet customer needs:
• Upstream, by developing the agriculture sectors, research and strengthening the fabric of the food industry in developing countries (Yidenpin, Tweed, Darfood, etc)
• Downstream, by implementing innovative distribution systems for essential items for the new urban Africans (Barika ®, Odet, etc).

In addition, the Nutriset Group places intellectual property at the heart of its development assistance tools, and in particular is involved in a working group of the National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI) focusing on valorisation of innovation .