logo Nutriset 2 pngFounded in 1986 and entirely dedicated to humanitarian and social action in developing countries, in the child nutrition sector, Nutriset is now capitalising on a wealth of experience, research and innovative developments that is without equivalent in the world.


Distribution de LNS au Guatemala

Distribution of LNS in Guatemala

Working for nutritional autonomy

Michel Lescanne, the founder of the company, has set an ambitious goal for the Nutriset teams: to invent, produce and make accessible solutions for the treatment and prevention of malnutrition, thereby contributing to its mission of ensuring the nutritional autonomy of developing countries.

Decisive advances against malnutrition

Since its inception, Nutriset and its research partners (NGOs, institutes, universities) have been behind some profound changes in the treatment of malnutrition. In 1995, with the development of special ready to use milk (F-100, F-75), and then in 1996 with Plumpy’nut ®, the first Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF). Plumpy’nut ® has revolutionized the treatment of malnutrition, significantly increasing the number of children treated and the recovery rate, while simultaneously reducing the cost of treatment.

Products adapted to needs

The development of two lines of nutritional solutions then made it possible to offer an increasingly tailored response to the need of each target population. The Plumpy range of products (Plumpy’Sup ™, Plumpy’Doz ™, etc) is designed specifically to prevent and treat acute malnutrition. Those in the Enov range (Enov’Nutributter ® and Enov’Mum ™) now cover the entire “1000 days” period to prevent the risks of chronic malnutrition. These two products are designed to compensate for any micronutrient and essential fatty acid deficiencies in pregnant and lactating women and in children aged between 6 and 24 months.
Investment in research on acute diarrhoea has also been undertaken and led to the development of ZinCfant® (dispersible zinc sulphate tablets), which are used in combination with oral rehydration salts (ORS).

Supply greater than demand

Nutriset has a highly flexible production capacity that exceeds the demand of all its stakeholders. It is therefore able to respond to the need of its humanitarian partners in emergencies.

A network of local producers

plumpyfieldInitiated by Nutriset in 2005, the PlumpyField network brings together local entrepreneurs who manufacture and distribute the Plumpy and Enov product ranges under franchise agreements. A source of values, skills and job creation (over 500 to date), the network is a lever for the economic development of its members’ countries – from the agricultural sector to the distribution of nutritional products to the people concerned.

The PlumpyField network currently has 9 members that are located in France, Burkina Faso, the United States, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Madagascar, Niger, and Sudan.