Darfood inaugurates its peanut processing factory in Darfur

Darfood inaugurates its peanut processing factory in Darfur

(de gauche à droite): Isham s. Yagoub, Directeur Général SAMIL Industrial Co., Isabelle Lescanne, Directrice Générale Onyx Développement, Bruno Aubert, Ambassadeur de France au Soudan

(Left to right): Hisham S. Yagoub, General Manager SAMIL Industrial Co., Isabelle Lescanne, CEO Onyx Développement, Bruno Aubert, French Ambassador in Sudan

On February 15th, 2017, in in El Daein (East-Darfour), Sudan, Darfood Company inaugurates its first industrial site aimed to valorize locally grown peanuts via its modern technology.

This modern agro-industrial facility is a first of its kind to be established in a region which is most often known for other events. Opening this new peanut processing unit strengthens a partnership initiated in 2014 between the French company Onyx Développement (Nutriset Group) and the Sudanese company, SAY, a Yagoub family holding.

In the Nutriset Group, Onyx Développement is in charge of local partnerships to build a sustainable and innovative agro-industry in the countries of the South. The companies are already associated since 2011 through the Samil Industrial Company which has been producing nutritional solutions such as Plumpy’Nut® and Plumpy’Sup™ in Khartoum, designed by Nutriset for the treatment of severe malnutrition via humanitarian actors.

Created in partnership with EVD, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, the Darfood project empowers to create 200 jobs, with a daily production capacity of 150 metric tons.

With the Darfood Company, Onyx Développement and SAY desire to develop a project for the valorization of peanuts grown in Darfur, a region which is particularly favorable to its cultivation. This industrial initiative includes the whole sector, from supporting the growers, who have started to be trained by Darfood and with whom cooperation agreements have been set up, to the conversion of this agricultural raw material in all its forms. The implementation of this processing unit will support local development and enhance the value of this agricultural network, while constantly striving for quality.

Darfood will process groundnut in order to make it usable for industrial purposes (oil or processing into agri-food products etc.) or for direct usages (roasted peanuts hand- picked selected). The products will be marketed both for domestic and international markets.

The residues from the production, such as the shells, will be used as cattle feed, in line with the company’s eco-responsible policy.

Throughout the process, from harvesting to transformation, special care will be taken to respect high-quality production standards.

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